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Hello...Or I should say "Howdy"!

Please...allow me first to say:

"I'm going for being the best Entertaining Poet that I can be...and always trying to "Bring-it" with the Poetry Rhymes."

My name is: Steve Walters (or the Artist still Known as : Manlypoetryman). I have been on a "Writing Break" from Poetry since Spring of 2013 on up to (a) "Mid-Summer" (Dream) of 2021. Apologies to anyone who might bear down their nose upon me for my absence from my "Poetry Writings". I embarked upon many other roads during that time in order to make a living. As things go: That's Life!

"C’est La Vie"


ManlyPoetryMan's "Ever-Present" Poem-if'-acation Clause to you:


I like to write "Rhyming" Poetry in many different forms. Poetry that can be used to express an idea...or perhaps be short and fun...or even some that get into serious topics (like say a current event or are History related). And clearly (you will see), I like to write in this "Rhyming" style of many Poetry Tales (Narrative Poem Form). I like to think that "Poetry" can be illustrated on a very large canvas. I like to think that we haven't even begun to explore all the various ways that words can be expressed through "Poetry". That's some of the main thinking behind how I approach my "Poetry".

Then...there is Poems. Poems: Get a bad rap...usually considered flowery, soft, artsy, etc. Maybe...some of that is true. But...put in the right context...Poems can get a point across with underlying stealth and quiet intelligence. Perhaps... even better than the average writings we see daily. This is Manly Poetry Man's Quest. To Boldly Go Where No Poetry Man Has Gone Before and...Boldly Write Some New Poems...!?! Sometimes Poems need to have their energy harnessed and then put on display.

Being able to write down Rhymes has always been something I just some folks scribble on paper. "Poetry" is a natural extension of that. As I mentioned earlier...I feel like most people view "Poetry" through some set of constraint notions.

Hence...Manly Poetry Man has arrived to show the World that:

"Words come at you Everyday...Poems are just a little more organized in what they have to say."

(And...Can be done in a "Manly" Way!)


Welcome to my World of "Manly" Poetry in Poetry Art Form. Hope you come to enjoy this Art much as I have enjoyed writing it.

In Humblest Regards then...May I present you..."Manly Poetry".