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About the Author

Manatita is an esteemed author residing in London, UK. His published works include, ‘Forty Roses for my Lord Supreme’ (devotional poetry), and ‘My Guru, Sri Chinmoy: Life and Teachings.’ He is currently working on ‘Maxims for Our Children: A Look at The Teachings of Jesus, The Christ’, and ‘Blossoms of The Heart.’ (A collection of inspirational prose and poetry).

His ability to weave words is unique, his main focus being the uplifting, lofty and sublime. The written word as expressed through his intuitive feel has a sophisticated flair, so much so that it unlocks the threshold of imagination, novelty and curiosity, treading on the path to artistic pageantry.

According to Manatita, the esoteric or aesthetic poet is initially inspired from within. As he articulates:

“He or she may not consciously know this, but there is an unmistaken and intuitive pull from nature, that attracts such souls. With persistence and joy in his or her work, sooner or later, either by guidance from without or inwardly, or both – as in my case – the poetry of the esoteric poet flourishes. It then becomes a beacon of inspiration to many, having been touched and given the momentum to guide and heal Souls from the Supreme itself.”

Manatita was born and brought up in Grenada, West Indies, amidst the sweet fragrance of spirituality and endearment of his parents and Faith. His inspiration for poetry began at an early age, and he was influenced by Shakespeare, Keats, Wordsworth, Blake, Kipling and many more.

Manatita honed his skills initially by reading the works of the great English writers and poets while sitting beneath lamp posts in the early hours of the morning dawn, in the transcendent Caribbean sunshine. Here Manatita expresses this most eloquently:

“I can still recall sitting under a lamp post at 4:00 a.m., in the early hours of a typical Caribbean morning, imbibing the beauty of the poet’s sonnets or other sublime works. I wrote to a small degree in my early teens, but it was not until the eighties, that I recommenced my love for all things aesthetically beautiful; expressing them on paper in such a way that has brought me much accolade from others.

The esoteric side would soon develop by my coming into contact with Sri Chinmoy, my Spiritual Mentor and illumined visionary; a remarkable lover of God, the Supreme.”

In 1973, Manatita travelled to London, UK, where he first heard of Sri Chinmoy and was influenced by the Guru’s works. This is quite evident from Manatita’s quotation here:

“It was only with my spiritual awakening, that I was able to recognize the depth of inner awareness, given to me on Sri Chinmoy’s Path. I then realized that prior to my conscious awakening; I was unconsciously reaching for higher ideals.”

Today, thirty-nine years later, he is still very much an active member of the Sri Chinmoy Centre, and a devoted disciple of this spiritual luminary. In his spare time, Manatita enjoys visiting the Poetry Café in London, (Zoom since Covid-19) and inspires others with his uplifting poems. In addition, he is an ardent practitioner of Yoga philosophy, sharing his insights on the prayerful and meditative life.

Manatita feels tremendous joy in serving his brothers and sisters – Mankind -- and consistently endeavours to uplift others through selfless service, as taught by his is beloved Guruji, Sri Chinmoy. Links to his videos: