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My name is Marsha A. Johnson. I have 3 children; 2 Sons, Michael & Stephen & 1 Daughter, Chrystal. All 3 children live away from home. To continue, I have a 10# Chihuahua named Halfpint, my miniature pride and joy. And, I have 5 Koi Fish. As you may have guessed, I love animals. I married soon after high school. During that time I pursued a technical certification & became a Medical Assistant where I worked in Dental & Orthopaedic practices respectively. Not finding the medical field satisfying, I returned to school and obtained an Associates degree in Food Service Management Support(Office Information) from Sinclair College . While at Sinclair I was able to become apart of an Honors Leadership group called Sinclair Ohio Fellows. This organization gave me the opportunity to explore public speaking & travel. As part of a group we traveled to Columbia University in Manhattan, NY, where we stayed on campus during one Memorial Day weekend. I also had the opportunity to travel to Ontario, Canada. where our group stayed at a Religious University. Other accomplishments include, receiving The Editor's Choice Award in 2005/2006 for outstanding Achievement in Poetry from & The International Library of Poetry. Lastly, my favorite poem entitled 'The Embrace' was published in the 2007 edition of 'The International Who's Who in Poetry. Needless to say, writing is my passion as well as my favorite pass time.

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