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Luisa Faris

Luisa Faris age 58 was born in Venezuela to Syrian parents whom her parents migrated to South America. At the age of 5 she traveled with her pregnant mother and with 4 other brother and Syria on a ship which took a month journey. . She lived their for 2 years, after the 1967 War between Syria and Israel she had to leave because she was not a citizen of that country. Her mom was afraid for her so she was sent to America at age 8. Her grandparents raised her for 5 years until her Mother and her brothers and sisters were brought to America.She was finally united with her family.. She grew up and studied business art and hairdressing .She opened her own hair salon shop at age 19 . She later met her husband in Oregon . After the marriage she followed her husband to Saudi Arabia. Their she had 2 boys and worked as a Teacher and Tutor.