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Erica Gourley

Erica Gourley is a mother, teacher, author and poet of misfortune. She is from up the holler in West Virginia. She currently resides with her little family and large menagerie of pets in the flatlands of the Midwest. After years of enduring incessant shit storms, she eventaully survived. When the storms finally ceased, she dug deep and uncovered the rose. She also quit her job, cashed in her retirement (many years before maturity) and pursued her dream as a writer. It's still debatable whether or not she completly lost her mind during that long, arduous journey. Have no doubt though-she discovered herself somewhere along the way. Now, several years later, all she has to show for her giant leap of faith is an unpublished book manuscript, quite a few mediocre articles, and a plethora of poetry. Fortunately, she was able to go back to teaching and is once again earning a steady income doing what she loves. She stil has a pen, a voice and a dream to chase. Hell hath no fury- Epiphany!