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Melissa S Masters

"I've lived a million lifetimes"... but it's true, it seems as if I have. Perhaps it is the pen that takes me there; into other lives, into distant places. I hear the different drummer. I am the horse of a different color. Dark, and light, my heart frequents both places. And from those places, I write.
I suppose my creativity in poetry began with the old addage "misery loves company" ... I had a painful homelife as a young person. Needing to share all that broke inside of me... somehow knowing that I wasn't alone, that someone, somewhere MUST know what I was feeling--what I was going through, I poured my passion, my pain, my heart and soul out in words. As I grew, and times and circumstances changed, so did my genre of poetry. Sometimes I wrote to express myself, sometimes to express others, and sometimes, I created people to express about. I wrote for absolutely everything. My written word became one of the best gifts I could give... as well as the safe haven where my spirit rests, again and again. ♥