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Lisa Chronister

Who am I? I am a mixture of all of the experiences I have had, all the people I have met, all the tears that I have cried. I am singularly unique. I am an empath-gypsy, that just wants to be happy, and make other people happy.

Iam also a cynical introvert, who has a tendency to avoid people. I am a lover of beautiful things, but do not wish to possess them. I am a mother, a lover, and a friend. I am nothing, and everything, all at once...I am just me. Writing is an outlet for me. I can either release emotions, or distract myself with research.

My book will soon be complete. There's two rough drafts, of a couple of the chapters on here. I started a website, to introduce the characters and the Multiverse, the book is based in. I also have a website dedicated to poetry and inspiration.