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"When no one gets your vision, it is because God did not give it to them, He gave it to you."This is a famous quotation by Lisa Nichols.

Lindiwe Radebe is about fearing God, and constantly thriving to be who God created her to be. I love life, I do have a strong belief that I am on earth to fulfill a special purpose. Hence, it is my passion that we all live a very fulfilled life.

I do strongly believe that how one was born we do not have a choice in that but we do have a choice in changing the way we live our lives. I am a firm believer that I cannot make someone's world a better place, while mine is hell on earth. I must first change me to be able to lend a hand and help someone else, hence I am always on a quest for self-development and growth.

I am passionate about youth and women development. I do believe that there is so much that still has to be discovered on earth, hence our children at a young age must be encouraged to dream and assured that their dreams are possible. Everyone one of us is very important in God's eyes, and we need to function at our level best.

I am a firm believer that one can only be fulfilled when they are doing what they were born to do on earth. I believe my role here on earth is to teach the youth to fall in love with themselves more than ever and do not allow anyone to tell them they cannot be who they want to be in life. My aim is to be instrumental into helping people realize that it is never too late to start over, there are no limitations except the ones we place on ourselves, and most importantly It is possible, will be hard but it is doable. Also, remember anything worth doing will be very hard at first. Don't you dare quit on yourself