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Laxmikant Shukla

Laxmikant Shukla writes books, which, considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. The explosion of rebellious mind against the inconsistencies prevalent in public life is the basic voice of the poet. He felt a spider web of inequalities and discrepancies in social life right from childhood. A sense of hatred against all the inconsistencies of social life has kept the poet's sensitive mind frantic and distressed. The heart, which is cremated with the consciousness of socialist values, again and again, the heart of the poet is filled with feelings of sympathy towards the deprived, stigmatized, neglected, exploited, and oppressed people. The silent cry of his anguish and agony fills the poet's consciousness and unrest with a twinkle. Shri Shukla has tried to express the voice of the silent anguish, agony, agony, strangulation, and clamor of these common people in his poems.

A resentful resentment towards the useful facilitators of the society and the tricks of the common people are broken as if the words of the poem become like words. That is why their language is very close to the common people and easy language. Like sentiment, artlessness puts him in the category of a democratic litterateur.