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Meriyen Marquez

I am passionate about helping and assisting families in unlocking their power and removing barriers to reach their goals in life through my field of work as an MSW.

Due to the type of work I do, I utilized writing as a form of letting go of things I have no control of or expressing emotions through writings because is difficult to verbally express those emotions.

In the last two years, while completing my MSW, I was able to work collaboratively with children, adolescents, and their families, and the community partners to develop treatment and interventions that were strengths-based and family-driven, supported independence and sustainability, which lead to more success at their home, schools and their community.

One of the forms of intervention I used with the families and individuals in therapy was poetry. Writing is therapeutic and it's a tool to describe what we feeling without reservation.

I have obtained my MSW from Hunter College in the Summer of 2021, and my degree will be conferral for September 1, 2021. My journey is just getting started; nevertheless, my passion has been present since I had begun my educational journey back in 2014 while obtaining my BS in Criminal Justice with a minor in law and criminology.

I also feel ready to complete one of my first dreams, finish writing my poetry book, but now with the lens of clinical work to help eliminate the stigma of mental health.

I am ready to go back to writing, and amplified mental health awareness through my writing. Welcome to my little piece of heaven.