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Laurie S Novak

I had no idea I had such talent for writing which actually came out of my past time for journaling. I find written expression satisfying in the sense that it relieves tensions of every day life, plus I'm exploring parts of myself that I usually shy away from.

This obsession, and I do mean obsession, came about seriously when the COVID lock down hit about March 2020.

As a way of staying busy and entertaining myself I began writing poetry and prose. At the same time, I decided the poetry needed company by the way of drawings and coloring. I didn’t know I had a talent for artistry either. It’s funny what comes out of a pandemic.

A little background: I’m the youngest daughter of four. I have a high school diploma and one year of community college education. With an interest in playing guitar during my teenage years, I took tips and instruction from my father who was a musician and taught at the local conservatory of music.

Since retirement I’ve become involved at our local senior community center where I volunteer. I enjoy participating in bingo, euchre, pinochle, yoga, Mahjong and of course, playing my guitar with sing-a-longs entitled Lyric’s with Laurie.

I hope you enjoy reading my muses as much as I enjoy writing them.