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My Name is Laurens.

I am married

I have a BS in Business

I have a AA in Associates of Art

I am a member of the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

I am a member of the Mount Harmony Baptist Church

I am a member of the Carolina Preppers Network-Roxboro

I have attended 4 Prepper Camps and numerous Prepper meetings

I am not confined to inside the box, but in, out, above and around

I am interested in the Bible, history, the unknown, treasure hunting, building, aquaponics, hydroponics, inventions, Tesla, electricity, gardening, living healthy, security, end times, prophecy, American Indians, gadgets, hiking, fishing, water, conspiracies, the truth, cover-ups, Prepping, stocking up, cooking, canning, preserving, freeze-drying, Nibriru, logic, reason, learning, vaccines, RNA, DNA, cloning, the tribulation, living off the land, homesteading and more

My web pages consist of: