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Latreace Handy Stephens

I was born July 23,1975, I was born and died all at the same time. So I feel that God kept me here for a reason. I'm the boiological mother of 4 children. I have 3 boys ages 23,19, and 10. I have 1 daughter she's 3 years old. I enjoy being a mother I love my children more than my own self. I am a wife and daughter my parents love with me. My father lives in my guest house and my mother lives inside my house with myself, my children, and my husband. Were an extended family. I love having my parents close to me whether they are or not together. Simply because their getting older m, and I want to make sure they are ok. Sometimes parents don't tell you when things are going wrong when your no longer living with them. But back to me ,"I love being a wife, mothers, daughter!" I've fostered children and raised many that weren't in foster care. I own a Homea Home Health Care care service. I consider a legacy for my children, HBS Home Helpers/ Health Care. I name after my children and myself Handy, Barnes, Stephens.Im working hard to make it a well know company. Lately alot of things have came to stop my progress but I will make this company a success.