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Kawlin Rolfe

Kawlin is a canadian author that has lived most of his life in Nova Scotia.  He moved to NS as a child from Inuvik, NWT.

After graduating the Transition Year Program at Dalhousie in 2011 Kawlin began to find outlets for his creative pursuits.  As of 2015 Kawlin has been a graduate of the Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology program through NSCC.

At a young age Kawlin began taking interest in creative endeavours, painting, fixing bicycles, and writing.  Growing up in a rural area of NS allowed for plenty of time to read and fine tune various areas of interest.

Literature and the authors behind its work has always acted as a driving force in Kawlin's understanding of writing.  Through inspirational writers such as Charles Bukowski, Chuck Palahniuk, Stephen King and J.R. Tolkein, Kawlin found methods and styles that influenced his own work. 

Kawlin also discusses subject matter such as 'what is reality', 'what defines us', and 'how society shapes us', particularily with reference to authors and existentialists Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Phillip K. Dick.


As a Canadian Aboriginal citizen, Kawlin is an advocate for nature awareness and the beauty of natural surroundings.  Through travel and family, Kawlin believes we must always view our surroundings with a certain respect and wonder.

Currently Kawlin is the main editor for a blog called "The PS Buzz' It is currently being hosted on (  (The PS Buzz is dedicated to news on current important & unimportant events! Please check it out if you are intereseted!)

As a child of the 'computer/internet age" (not 'intranet')Kawlin has also taken the idea of writing a bio in the third person rather seriously.