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Kori Fitch-Adams

Working as an English teacher in the high red desert. it is a dream come true.

I am no longer Kori Lee F. P...Just Kori Lee F. I am not sure I can change my hub page address, so I am stuck with this name. I have tried a few Blogs and found it very difficult to promote it so I will continue to explore Hubpages more.

My interests are spiritual and travel writing as now I will be traveling in the Middle East a lot more. It seems as if I have stumbled on quite a lot of material to write about. This is my first time living overseas and I am loving it. I have left the Western neurotic world behind for awhile. While leaving this homeland behind, I have discovered a different way of life and I am only brushing up agaist it now. I plan to write about it extensively for the next year. Today is the second day of January 2012.