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Joe Lustica

Born and raised in NYC, I had a strong interest in playing music as a young child but my school lacked the funding to provide children with musical instruments. I lived in poverty and my family couldn't afford one. So, it would seem that I was left out of the music world. But that didn't stop me. I listened to music with such passion that people assumed I was a musician. Eventually I found myself with a guitar and no information on how to play. This was in the days before the interenet so getting data wasn't as easily accessible. I learned much about playing music through trial and error. I did start to piece things together but It took a long time to do that. Over time I grew into an accomplished musician. But looking back on my childhood and the troubles I had learning how to play music I decided that music education should not be something for only privileged people. Music is for everyone. And everyone has a right to learn if they want. So I set myself off to make learning music simple for everybody and accessible to everyone. I've made it my mission to ensure that nobody will ever run into the complex troubles that people run into in learning how to play music.