John Hamilton

Starting my career as a screenplay/script writer this year by attending a university (online) to obtain a graduate degree through an MFA program. In less than 2 years (2020), I hope to have completed numerous screenplays (Film, T.V., and Stage) in multiple genres and categories. Also, grow a good list of professional contacts and a small group of peers, full of writers, directors and producers that I can collaborate and hone my craft before graduating and beyond.

I've already completed a first draft, full-length (90 minutes) crime-drama feature script. I have also begun a rom-com feature, a faith-based adult feature(?), and a sitcom teleplay to include a 1-hour pilot and 25 episodes. Although I haven't begun a stageplay, I've been an actor in a few school and church plays. I just finished my first Flash Fiction story (<500 words) tonight. I only heard about it and researched, "What is it?". Came up with a story idea, and BAM! Done. It's called "Man on a flight". Not sure if I can make it a vdeo short, but I'm sure it could be very easily transferable. I'm about to upload it after updating my new profile. Enjoy!

I am already building up my network to get involved with others in the craft and business. If I can find platforms and channels to display and exhibit my art, I will exhaust every avenue. Understanding the expectations, the market, the business, and my own skills and talent, will prepare me for the world of scriptwriting. More than a love for film that I've had since a small boy, I want to now take an active part of it by writing.

I also want to explore the world of producing, though it's very similar to my last 10-year career as an IT Project Manager. Directing, video and audio also interest me. I have experience in both audio and video as a performing musician in my former life. Building sets will be second-hand as I used to build my own haunted houses for 5 years straight, complete with a dark maze, monstrous props, eerie graveyard, scary sounds over the stereo system, fog everywhere, and much more.

I've started writing a few things before, like songs and books. I have written and recorded 5 songs, but have completed writing 20 songs with lyrics and music. I have about 100 songs in different stages of writing. I've also written books, but none are finished. A Novel of fiction with a non-fiction basis dealing with Bible Prohecy and the End Times. A series of short stories in the crime-drama genre. Two Non-fiction books dealing with justice and politics. And a book of poetry.