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Jerilee Wei

Jerilee Wei is a published freelance author, a former market research analyst, Cajun traiteuse, Cajun music and history preservationist, mother and grandmother. She has been blessed with a life rich in experiences, international travel, and a lot of surprises. Part Cajun, Irish, and part Native American, she has had a unique tapestry of influences that give her a uncommon voice on a wide variety of topics. Today you’ll find her professionally making clients vaca dreams come true doing and of course, blogging.

Jerilee Wei has this to say to her readers:

“I came to hubpages on the eve of being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Writing saved my sanity in those early dark sleepless nights of uncertainty. With my first hub and every one I wrote after that day on June 2, 2008, I’ve endeavored to give my readers a little Cajun “lagniappe” (something extra).

If I’ve told you something you didn’t know before, I have succeeded. If I’ve surprised you, when you thought nothing would, on a subject you know well, then I was successful. If I made you smile, cry, laugh, or inspired you, what greater gift could I have received by my efforts? I can think of none.

Each time I sit down to write I review some simple goals. They keep it real and in perspective:

If I’ve written an article, I want it to reach and teach forever. It’s not about high ratings, hubscores, comments, or Google Adsense dollars. More importantly, I owe you authenticity and originality.

I believe that, if you possess ageless knowledge you need to share it. I’ve been blessed to have had unusual experiences, traveled widely, and received a great education. It all began, as it should, at home from my mother (Ginn Navarre here on hubpages) and my grandmother, Daisy Genevive Austin. It was supplemented by other family members, wonderful teachers, and a fate-filled life that has been influenced by experiences that not every woman of my age survived or enjoyed.

Some of us just possess a lot of old and ageless knowledge that was handed down. I’m lucky to be one of them. This is knowledge that the fast-paced modern world, isn’t always remembered. Not all of us learned the same things, or perhaps some of us need a refresher course. My philosophy is that we have a special obligation to share such content with our readers.

We have a global audience here. Each time I sit down to write a hub, I remember that what is written here will be read around the world. I try to be be careful in making it clear precisely what I am talking about. I don’t make assumptions that every reader knows specific geography. I don’t take for granted that the reader uses the same products by the same manufacturers. I don’t presume everyone knows our country's history, or understands it's politics. I don’t assume a core knowledge. I do this because one of the wonderful things I’ve discovered here on hubpages, is that we all have something to contribute and can learn so much from each other. I have learned so much here from many inspirational hubbers.

I love hearing from my readers in their many kind comments and emails. I appreciate every single one of you, even those who don’t always agree with me.”

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