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Justin Aptaker

To get an initial sense of me, click the link to the "Articles" section of my profile. At the top of that section, you'll see a rotating slideshow of six of my Hubs (might not show on mobile-phone unless you switch to "Desktop View"). Four of these are articles. The other two are poems ("Reverse Cosmogony" and "Ta Panta").

As of 12/19/19, my articles published here have been read 1,210,421 times.

About Me:

I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a major in psychology and a minor in Religious Studies. My profile name is a combination of my first initial and last name (Justin Aptaker).

My main interests are philosophy, religious studies, futures studies, sociology, mysticism and spirituality, human rights, depth psychology, consciousness studies, social justice, cultural anthropology, esotericism, humanitarianism, history, classical Greek language, mythology, etymology/philology/linguistics, poetry, and film.

My alter-ego on Hubpages is Kerux (a name under which I mostly publish more poetry).

Please Note: I published most of these articles and poems years ago, and I haven't really been on HubPages much since then (until recently). I realized recently that I have a lot of fan mail, and my Hubs have a lot of comments that I had never seen before. I apologize for not responding to these sooner, but I really stopped checking up on my Hubs for years. I will try to respond to comments and fan mail as soon as possible over the next few months. I'll also be revising and improving my articles, and even adding new ones. THANK YOU to everyone who left me fan mail and comments. It is greatly appreciated!