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Hugh Maxwell

Hugh Maxwell was always a curious mind, this gifted him the opportunity to gain deep insights and also provided him with answers to some deep questions that we have not yet thought to ask. He looks at knowledge subjectively, in its essense, and will never take a fact to be anything conclusive; but understands that it will always evolve by learning more. He is known to be an introvert, but he sees himself only as someone that is selectively reserved. He enjoys reading about topics in which he has an interest, and the solitude of his own company gives him the freedom to enjoy his thoughts with much contrast; leading him to great revelations. There was always a desire in him to share his thoughts, but an aversion to public speaking forced him to document his voice in the form of books. His aim: "to ignite a new way of thinking, giving a view from an alternative angle of perception. Just a tiny spark created from knowledge and understanding coming together, will cause an ever expanding experience of wisdom".