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Kathryn Collins

I no longer live in Hawaii but want to keep my articles and don't think I can change the name.

Saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Grew up in Southern California with skateboards, sailboats, pinball machines and Boogie boards as a major part of my life. I loved to strum out a few praise songs on my guitar and plunk out a few pieces of music on piano after having taught myself to read music as well as where the notes correlate on each instrument.

I love cats for their air of wisdom, mystique and for the way they are able to totally and completely relax and tune out the world around them when they want to.

Writing to me is a therapeutic way to work through my current struggles and seems quite necessary for me right now.

I only hope that I am able to touch someone else through my words here.

Many blessings to whoever is reading this

Kathryn Ruth Collins