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Mo Durrani

Father of a 10 year old

Lost my mother and wife to cancer, recently, truth be told.

But worry not, this is a story of redemption

When all roads are dead ends, all signs say turn back

use the key of Perseverance to rise from the ashes

the rarest treasure is find in the depths of treacherous ruins

and cracks in your psyche is where Light enters you

Stop picturing white light, embrace the darkness

Only the one who knows their devil, knows their God

Stop teetering at the shore, worrying about your jeans getting wet

jump into this Divine ocean of nothingness

All treasures we seek are seeking us as well

and all the ingredients needed to lead a happy or miserable life

are available at all times

since the time is only Now, work must begin

Tie your rope to me, and the ones I'm tied to

we have presents for you, my dear

we want to hold you, help you, and guide you.