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Greg Schweizer

I would like to let people know ahead of time that I have had no formal training in literature, creative writing, spelling, grammer, punctuation or any of the other things that are needed for interesting writing. But please be brave and at least attempt to browse my hubs. I believe some of you might find them at least a little interesting. Let me start by saying that I was retired for about 2-1/2 years and then decided to go back to work. Writing had become a passion that I have come to really enjoy. I never felt I was very good at it before, but once I started I found out I was pretty much right, but I do still enjoy doing it and I find anything that I can express my feelings. I have started two fiction stories, one true story about my mom and step-father that has turned out to be surprisingly interesting. Then there is the story of my life that I am putting together about the things I remember about my life and I am doing this for my kids and grand-kids. Some day they might be interested. I know that when I started writing about my mom, I found out that I wish I knew more about her life.

Anyway, I am doing this because I like to write now and I hope I can interest some people in the things I want to share.

Thank you, Greg">