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Laura Grace

I always had an interest in Nature and all beauty around us. When I moved to Florida, I began to learn about plants, to experiment with different varieties, and to discover what plants work in this region, and what plants will never grow in our area. One might think that because Florida is a warm state with mild or sometimes non-existent winters, all plants grow happily ever after. But this is not the case, our weather presents many challenges for plants, as our summers are extremely hot and humid, our winters are mild but very dry, and sporadically might bring a few really cold days that have the ability to damage or kill many of our Florida plants.

I thought I would start writing about my experiences as a Florida Gardener, so other gardeners from the same area could benefit. I have several close friends that are avid gardeners and we always find ourselves relying on each other for information, ideas, and solutions to our gardening problems. Gardening is a never ending pursuit, and when it shared with others is far more enjoyable. I hope you find my Hubs interesting and useful.