I'm a dreamer, full of hope, and renewed by faith. I started writing on Hubpages to encourage others. I'm an inspirational writer with a passion for writing.

After several years of crafting my voice, I'm proud to say I've published my first book. Taellywood Treasure Hunt: A Soul Quest to Discover God's Wisdom Box is a work of fiction. With my storytelling I can connect; connecting to something bigger than myself. It's a connection of souls.

With words, creating a rhythmic blend in life, to transform me and those around me to fulfill a purpose, my desire is to make a difference.

Establishing myself in the interior design world of planning commercial office spaces for the furniture industry, I found my niche. I love designing office spaces. I’m now in mid-career and getting back to telling my stories. I’m older and wiser now and life’s taught me some great lessons.

The Hub Community has embraced my writing and I am extremely grateful. Nominated for a hubnugget was incredibly amazing. To find out my article, Making Your Life Count won the hubnugget was a confirmation that God continues to bless my work.

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