Christine Garay

Fab Moving Mama is an Experienced Individual and Family Services provider and has worked to help individuals and families put their lives together through coaching and group encounter facilitation.

She has demonstrated history and excellent skill in Personality Assessment and Profiling, including but not limited to employee promotion and evaluation. She also conducts several testing and profiling for Children with Special Education needs. She also manages Mental Health programs for individual clients.

Working for individual enrichment and empowerment is a passion for her, especially with children and adolescents. She believes they are the future of our world. She understands they do not have problems, rather only challenges that have to be faced. They need the support and the tools to do so.

Her work as a Learning Consultant has allowed her to create and develop programs for children with special needs, as well as designing and implementing Basic Education Guidance Program.

Her versatility and ability to deal with different age groups and proficiency levels have allowed her to teach different age groups and have handle classes and coaching across different platforms: one-to-one, dyad, small and big groups, classroom, informal and online.