Eric Stone

Eric Stone is an American actor, director, visual artist and writer.

What I value most is originality, imagination, sushi, intelligence, great wine, generosity, nature, kindness, beauty, pizza, New York City, laughter and competence, not necessarily in that order. I see my purpose as a great journey into new forms of expression and new perspectives. On the mundane plane, I eat lots of French cheese. My mind is being freed like the genie who no longer serves a greedy master.

Raised in France until the age of 18, I am a dedicated student of philosophy, literature, consciousness, psychology, and human behavior. "I see myself as a creative thinker and free spirit".

As an entrepreneur and a teacher, I am the founder of Hollywood Actors Studio in 1989 (well-known for its innovative approach to training and developing actors) and Speakers & Artists International, Inc. (2003); the latter being a California company delivering advanced training in public speaking, communication and performance skills, which uses the “Metaphor of the Actor” and “Voice Power” as primary methodologies.

"In this era of unprecedented change, I am profoundly enthusiastic about the future. I am witnessing the "Age of the Individual" with awe and gratitude. As a result, I am certain that science and technology, through intuition, intelligence and originality, will continue to empower humanity with new inventions and much needed wisdom.

In turn, it will strengthen our ability to celebrate and share our newly discovered individual uniqueness and begin cultivating the extraordinary gift of “spirit awareness”.

I envision a future that will be liberated from our dark, primitive and ancestral fears for survival. Free at last from the ignorant prophecies of doom and gloom, we shall marvel at the great cosmic joke of our being here at all, bathing in the rapture and the mystery of being alive".

As an artist I seek a deep connection to intuitive awareness. Writing allows me to offer personal creative musings. Science uses intuition to establish new paths of inquiry and advance possible theories. I favor a philosophical exploration through my own intuition rather than fit-all reasoning.

I am not a follower nor do I ask anyone to follow me. I see myself as a traveling mystic and emotional spirit filtering universal consciousness in the now. I feel that I am the witness of a great cosmic joke playing with my being on this earth inside the tremendous beauty and mystery of life.

“My wife and I are presently a husband-and-wife team who have combined their respective expertise, backgrounds and experience to offer advanced training and personal development to individuals and companies, desiring to dramatically improve their communication skills, confidence and self-expression professionally and personally”.

We aim at empowering individuals to become great "athletes of the word, of the heart and of their behavior through body-language".

"I positively assert that there's an actor and an artist in each and every human being; hence, every person can learn to let their body consciousness, i.e. their instincts and intuition, “design” and “create” who and what they are meant to become, no matter what their current environment allows or dictates.

By focusing primarily on letting go of all un-necessary baggage, we can literally generate for ourselves a new freedom to be and find new individual pathways to redesign or reclaim our power and vision."