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Stephanie Wilson-Coleman

Like every hero, Stephanie Wilson-Coleman, the Empowerment Doctor, was born out of necessity. Her story is filled with conflict, villains, roadblocks, moral dilemmas and spiritual awakenings.

Stephanie motivates others with her awe inspiring messages of being a teenage mother, overcoming multiple instances of gang rape and experiencing temporary homelessness to becoming one of the highest ranking females in the federal government’s Midwest Lakes Region.

She lives her inspiration as the founder and CEO of The Champagne Connection, Inc. She has guided countless pregnant teens, ex-offenders and women in homeless shelters to success.

She has 3 published inspirational books and acknowledges local heroes on her cable access television show, “A Sip of Inspiration”. Her mantra is “Dream Big, Live the life you’ve always imagined.”

No matter what challenges you face – addiction, financial despair, lack of self-esteem, Stephanie Wilson-Coleman’s motivational coaching will help you redirect and reenergize your life.