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I am a mother of six and grandmother of fourteen.

My hobbies are writing,reading,photography and exploring the Welsh countryside with my partner Dai.

I have loved writing from a young age

I am living my dream by being successful in having two books published and another as we speak.

Published by Publish America is the first in my series of children story book consisting of two mischievous farm kittens getting into so many scrapes and adventures ;

This very first book is called

'Bobby and BIlly;Bobby's Lost Voice!!'

Below is the link to my book which is for sale on Amazon.

Another which has been accepted by Publish America and is currently being published as we speak.called

'My Beautiful Rock Rose'.

This is a book of fifty poems in my daughter Erin's memory but I would like to add here that the poems are not all sad ;some are humorous;words of a grieving mother;inspiring,beautiful etc.

I hope that someone who is today walking on life's rough roads for any reason will find their much needed strength and solace from this book.

I hope that by sharing my grief and my adjustments so that I am able to cope will in turn help others .

I also have an ebooks published; my very first ebook on Smashwords 'Sunshine Ray and I' is fictional but based on true life.

One day out of the blue I decide to research the Native Americans ;mostly the Cherokees so this is what i did!!!

Slowly the deeper I went into their lives ;beliefs and faith I found that I could relate to them from a very deep level.

Below is the link for this book if you would like to read and follow!

I am now busy working on the second book in this series and I love every moment of doing so.

"Expectance and acceptance " are two very promiment words in my personal vocabulary.

Writing and the many healing qualities of nature (as you will find out from many of my hubs) have ceretainly helped me overcome many hurdles in life and today my message is that no matter how dark our days are the sunshine and beauty are still there. Never ever lose that hope or belief.

Today I am also busy worjking working on a writing course set up by The Writers Bureau and thorughly enjoying it as well as learning each and every day.