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Edlyn Villafranca

"Edlyn Villafranca is a writer as well as an elementary teacher from Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines who wants to influence her readers through her soulful writings. Now, she's ready to conquer her dreams by creepingly showing the world what she got.

She was on October 16, 1998. She loves to read, to sing, to make vlogs, and to watch movies from different countries in order to take a simple look in their culture and learn from it, but most of all she loves to write. Ever since high school writing has been her passion, because through writing she can express her feelings, as well as inspire others who reads it. Most of her topics are about life, faith, hope, love and anxiety/depression. Writing has been her outlet to escape from the anxiety that the world had given her, so as you read her writings you'll probably understand how writing helps her to ease the melancholy of life.

Nevertheless, she's also a person whom you'll love to interact with, for she's a cheerful one who loves to crack jokes and make everyone around her happy. That's all!

Love lots, enjoy reading!"