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D Shannahan

The writer known as D Shannahan on HubPages has a passion for the truth. Born into a world where nothing ever seemed quite right, he began to question everything, hungry for the real deal amidst unreliable fakery and lies. Being disillusioned from religion (namely, Christianity) from a young age, Shannahan would become fascinated with the mystical - exploring anything which seemed to promise a deeper understanding of life. From ancient esoteric writings of Eastern origin to modern day metaphysical interpretations, he would constantly immerse himself in content addressing things such as the supernatural, spirits, meditation, self-realization, conspiracies, the occult, higher consciousness, and 'ascension'. Although spiritual experiences and strange happenings increased, Shannahan's life was becoming more and more fragmented. A downward spiral of depression and confusion - although constantly striving to address these issues - ensued, resulting in a state of intense oppresion and darkness. The very things which appeared to be offering freedom and truth, mind-expanding awareness, and spirits from the other side were in fact causing an inescapable spiritual bondage. Amidst demonic oppression and sleep paralysis, he cried out an unexpected and spontaneous plea: "Jesus, save me!", To his utter surprise he was delivered from the horrid entity which was tormenting him. Since this event, Shannahan has experienced more and more miraculous healings and freedom calling on the name of Jesus Christ. He is now a believer and passionate about exposing spiritual deception and the dangers of involvement with spirits and New Age spirituality.