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Chigbo Douglas Chiedozie

Chigbo Douglas Chiedozie is an author who renders writing services in the following areas:

Creative fiction
Creative nonfiction
Book reviews (fiction books only)
Manuscript editing (fiction books only)

Creative Fiction: This is a fabricated story presented as factual for entertainment, education, and information. Here, the author will create a story suitable for a particular audience, event, product, etc as it may be demanded by a client. The author will ensure a well-edited, interest arousing story.

Creative Nonfiction: This is quite different from straight news, where "who says what, where, when, and how," is the formula. In creative nonfiction, the fact in issue is brought to the readers in a creative form. Characters and scenes are well described to bring the true picture of the event to the readers.

Book Reviews: This means a literary criticism in which a book is objectively analysed based on its contents, style, and merits. Review amplifies the existence of a book. It brings the book to the forefront of the target audience. The author will examine the book title, cover page, characters, setting, plot, and other relevant things that will make it a book worth reading. He will also check if the book conveyed an understandable message. The author's choice of words (diction), the target audience, the description of characters and scenes will be examined equally.

Article/Copywriting: In which area would you like the author to assist? Health, education, science, technology, agriculture, insurance, finance, etc. Just bring forward, a clear description of what you want from the author.

Ghostwriting: Ghostwriting is the act of writing a script for another who would be the author. In ghostwriting, the originator of the work loses the copyright to the client who paid for the work.

Manuscript Editing: This is of three facets - proofreading, line editing, and developmental editing. In proofreading, the editor works on punctuation and spelling errors. In line editing, the editor checks punctuations, spelling and grammatical errors, sequence of tenses, and verb agreement. In developmental editing, the editor will not only proofread and edit the work but also work on the characters, setting, plot, and every other thing that makes up the story.

Even as the author ensures timely delivery of works given to him, clients only pay for the services when the work is done and delivered.


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