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Don Ship

Hey! :D I'm Don Ship. Nice to meet you'll! I am 20 years old! I joined HP on 17.11.2010. I love this place so much! Haven't written in a while, and yeah, I miss it! I just like to have fun around here! I watch a lot of movies, like around 15 a month at least! I play Cricket and Soccer and love watching Sports on TV too.

My Goals:

Publish my first hub on my first day at Hubpages! (DONE!)

30 Hubs in 30 days (DONE!! In half the number of days!)

2000 Page views within the first Month! (Got just 1775 in 30 days! :( Reached 2000 in 35 days, though. Hope that's good enough. Lol. :D)

50 Hubs in 60 Days (Done! In 55 days! Yayyy!)

10,000 Page views within 100 days. (DONE! 96 days!!)

#1 - 1775 (43)

#2 - 2425 (10)

#3 - 4625 (9)

#4 - 4200 (3)

Quote: The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.