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Don Bobbitt

Hi! My name is +DON BOBBITT, a typical BABY BOOMER, who was born inLynchburg, Virginia and I have lived in numerous states and worked in a number of nations during my working years.

I served in the Navy during the Vietnam Era, married a geat woman and worked full time while I studied at night for and received an AS in Business and a BS in Engineering. Even though my career has been Engineering, I focused my Minor studies in Americal and Brityish Litersture.

We retied early and since I have concentrated on writing for my followers on the web. I have published 10 books so far on Amazon, and I actively manage 5 Blogs on a variety of subjects,

On the one hand, I am a STORYTELLER looking for someone to LISTEN, through my writings, and on the other our decades of traveling in RVs has made us RV Experts who write articles to help our fellow RV owners maintain and repair common problems, travel safely and camp efficiently

I have an AMAZON Author's Page (using donaldbobbitt) where my books can be easily found listed.

Some of the Book Titles are;

RV ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS, and How they are Interconnected

The ULTIMATE RV Owner's Reference - Help for the RV Newbie

The RETRO-SURVIVALIST - The EDGE of the GRID is a Good Place to be.

ONE BULLET- A trhilling Detective novel.

OLD RECIPE COLLECTION - Recipes for the Hills of Virginia

ROADKILL - A Collection of Short things

and like many writers, I have more half-done works waiting for me to finishe them.