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Judy Ward

I started writing seriously on Hub Pages a few years ago & shortly after, I published a book available from FriesenPress directly, or by order through the major on line book sellers, "A Dog Called Little Stay Awhile." I have also been a community writer for The Hutto News. My new line of fiction stories on HubPages is the Adrianna series.

It goes without saying I love dogs and Rhodesian Ridgebacks most of all. As a kid we didn't have that many dogs and no cats except for Blackie when we lived in Williston FL. By training and trade, I'm a Life Insurance Underwriter, not currently working in my field. I'm also a Customer Service Specialist.

We live with our 3 dogs, Caesar and Tsin'tia II born in 2007 that we kept from that litter and Ginger, born in 2005, was taken back in due to death of her owner. All are happy together & get along with our cat, Jethro. (Chip passed away 1/17/17 from a ruptured splenic tumor. We miss him.)

Hope you enjoy my stuff!