I'm Baaaaack!.

Semi-retired journalist who lived and worked in the USA, Australia and Mexico for many years.

I had been producing 1000 words, plus, a day in various newspapers for about 20 years. I found I missed this discipline like others miss their tobacco, alcohol, other drugs, or sugar fix.

For folks of my vintage, computers arrived like aliens from another world. I had done most of my work on an IBM Selectric and a Brother word processor, then seen it cut and pasted into place in the publication. Practically overnight, newspapers switched over to computerized everything: writing, editing, printing and publishing. What a huge difference this made to the industry: most good, a little bad. Now, the world would collapse without computers which are part of nearly everything we do.

Hubpages was a revelation to me. I had played around with my own website and adsense for several years, but received little attention and had no idea of what I wanted to acheive. I still am not sophisticated on how to make money doing this, despite all the advice from other, awe-inspiring hubbers, who combine decent writing with an acute business sense.

But I am having a lot of fun resourcing and writing again. Clicks are starting to come and I may even make a few quid after all.

So, good luck and happiness to all my fellow hubbers and others who find my humble work through the search engines.

Bob Challen: writing as Diogenes.

ps. Taking a break from writing at present