Reading and writting is what makes me breathe almost. I love to write on various topic that may caught my attention. Though I love to express my feelings through poems. Almost more than two years in hubpages and i have made lots of good friends across the borders and across the oceans. Life feels good and ever happy within so many like minded friends out here. My journey in writting is more of an experimental kind of till now. I think I am a novice among all very profound writers out here. Never the less I am walking on my journey here and i try to work hard with every new day to create something worthwhile at least.

Thanks for your time here in my slice of lill world through my feelings out here. I may make many errors here, but its a humble request to all not to be offended by my writting as these are purely individualistic observation from my side about everything that is been tried to be presented here.

Hope you enjoying your time and life here in this beautiful world. Thank you very much for your precious time here.