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Desmond Goitsemang

My name is Goitsemang Desmond i am from Botswana a peaceful landlocked country in the southern part of Africa. I am a Motswana, born in 1995 17 January in a small village called Nata. i am from a family of four, my mother and two brothers. i started my 12 year long free education here in 2000. i grew up from a family with strict Christian background. life has not been so favourable for us but we strongly believe everything has its time and purpose. i learnt and enjoyed playing the piano when i was at high school. i then started enjoying writing and reciting poems. the two became my hobbies ever since. i am currently lecturing in a college here is a mining town called Phikwe. i believe i have talent and i want to showcast my untapped and long dormant God given gift.