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Derek Siriwattasit

Derek Siriwattasit spent 20 years in the Middle East, picking sand out of his nether regions. He was awarded two academic degrees as compensation for putting up with it all. Derek also won himself a cohort of ride-or-die friends, who he amicably left behind when he returned to Thailand in 2010 to sort out his middling inheritance and make something of himself.

A former newspaper journalist, editor and debt collector, he enrolled in law school at the ripe old age of 32. This power move earned him a career as a Patent Consultant and in-house generalist at a prestigious Bangkok law firm three months after graduation. Derek came out as transgender to a supportive crowd, while drunk on margaritas and stuffed with burritos, in early November 2020. He has not looked back since.

His passions include law (for obvious reasons), social justice, LGBTQIA+ rights, street photography, archery, linguistics, popular science and, of course, poetry. The insights he gained from his diverse interests and experiences lend a depth and pathos to his verses, which tend to evade classification at times. If seeing a poet winging it is your thing, please read and support his work.