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Dens Yang

I am simply a deep person. I like observing and also learning about human behavior and interactions. I currently teach English to non-speakers of English around the globe, countries like Turkey, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Colombia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Peru and many other countries. Through my job, I have been exposed to diverse culture and learned from those day by day. I think this is the reason why I am enjoying and I feel fulfilled through my job. I don't know how to speak these people's native language but then through English as our medium of communication, I was able to understand and get to know more of them and ther culture. There are also other barriers in communicating with them but I think with great patience and will to understand each other allowed us to better know each other. I love what I am doing. I am also sharing my articles and poems to my students not just for learning but to encourage them to get involved with this form of art. I think the very most important weapon that we, writers needed the most is not only the pen nor the paper but the creative and imaginative minds we do have. Because with that, we make things happen.