I'm going to start my bio off with a quote from Sherlock himself, from the BBC mini-series of the same name. "Does it matter if we go around the sun, or the moon, or 'round' and 'round the garden like a teddy bear?" Sherlock, like me fills his brain with only the things that are important to him, anything else, like the order of our planets are trivial details that are not worth the neccesary space inside our heads.

Having said that, to sum up my interests in the fewest words possible would look something like this: Anything wierd, unusual, random, deep, out of the ordinary or anything that sheds light on people and why they do the things they do. I believe that knowing the 'why' is half the battle - and asking bieng another large part!

I love writing short stories, articles, and poetry. I care about physical, mental and emotional health, and also environmental.

They say that to hold back a childs mental and emotional development, you need only to withold answers to their questions. Even answering wrongly will still keep them stimulated, but turning them away, or ignoring them will slowly start to kill their curiousity. This is the same with us. If we stop asking questions we will be limiting our creative growth. So I'm always looking for interesting things, or ways to put a new spin on what we've always thought of in a certain way.

I'm fairly eccentric, this is why strange things interest me. Although I hear that 'strange' is only in the eye of the beholder...