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David Nelson444

I love to be called David although nobody ever calls me that. Im 56 years old and don't mind. I live in the woods with all the animals in a wonderful home within fifteen minutes of the shores of Lake Erie in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
I am presently the owner of a high rise window cleaning company which allows me to live moderately and never worry about paying the bills.I employ eight people who are all afraid of heights which keeps us safe and allows us to go home the way we came in every day.
I was a navy diver on a submarine, Ive been a donut maker,a painter,a brick laborer,gas station attendant, bus driver, bread machine mechanic, been in a rock band, operated a lathe, worked with blood culture and autoclaves, was an electrician, spent 15 years as a photographer, then started a shuttle service, and finally ended up as a window cleaner. Somewhere in there I found the time to be a teacher of photography ( my greatest love) .
I have a degree in industrial scientific photography from one of the best schools in the world, and have spent the last twenty years trying to perfect my art.
I love art and music and can't imagine a world without either.I have tried to stay current with both and know that the best is yet to come. I really enjoy helping others to see...and change the way they look at our world.
I have been to eighteen different countries and almost every state, Ive lived in Hawaii, the blue ridge mountains in Virginia, built a house in Texas, spent years on the beach in California, and now I live where we get two hundred inches of snow every year.
I have two dogs, three cats, and got rid of the chickens when i found out they were worse than the cats.
I am married to one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has been my best friend, the mother of my beautiful sons, my partner and my inspiration for every thing I have ever been or ever will be. She is my greatest treasure and I would be much less of a man without her. I have thought of her every min of every day that I have been fortunate enough to be with her. She has sacrificed her dreams for her family and has given all of her heart and soul to the people around her. I love her with all my heart and always will.
I have two amazing sons who have all the good traits of my wife and all the bad habits of their dad. I never tell them enough how proud I am of them every day.They will become good men and will have great lives.
I believe that love is the most important thing on this earth and that we are nothing without it.I wear my heart on my sleeve and cry every time they move the bus. I vote for the underdog and will help anybody anytime. I have all the faults that everyone else has and work on being a better man every day