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David John Ekanem

My name is David John Ekanem. I prefer to be refered to as E. David John, which I chose to be my pen name.

I hail from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. I'm 29years old. Fluent in Enlish Language and Afrikaan and fairly mastering French.

I am conoisseur of dynamism which opens me up to the love and appreciation for applied arts and sciences as well as abstract ideals.

Over the years, I have spent quality time developing me skills in Information technology in diverse areas and proficient in Desktop publishing, Graphics, Data Analysis, web development/programming and the Internet.

Though, I have invested more time in computer related areas, my love for beauty and nature, rhythms and poetry takes control of my hands at my leisures as I watch my pen cough on my pads the impulse that comes alive when I'm close to the madness of my very own imaginations of bitter-sweet love and hate, ambience of lights in beautiful cities, the night sky littered with stars or of every bow of strings on a Violin and gently romance of the keys in Yanni's jazz which my Favourite, Tribute, is a masterpiece of inspirations.

I write. I play video games. I travel. I imagine

For the record, I have not banked much papers from higher schools but I've gained knowledge continually from every possible source and I am at best definitions, an educated man.

If I could offer anything, it would be love.