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Dana Strang

I am a 30-something gal struggling with what to say about myself in this profile. Who am I?

I am so many things: daughter, sister, aunt, God-mother, student, teacher, girfiend, best friend. I am painfully shy yet will throw it all out there. I am just as comfortable in a ball gown as I am in jeans. I enjoy tequilla as much as champagne. Frank Sinatra is just as likely to play from my stereo as hard rock. I am low tech. I don't own an ipod or iphone or i-anything. I have no "ap for that". I have studied biology, psychology, and wildlife conservation. I have lived in NY, MD, and VA, OH and loved and hated them all.

I love the unusual and the ordinary.I love creepy-cute things. And that is why I have a tattoo of a skull with pigtails! I love knowledge and ideas and expression. I despise ignorance and oppression. I love tattoos and food and art and music and books and movies and nature and science and words. Just as much as the stories they tell, I love the feelings they evoke. There are many a book or movie that I have completely forgotten the plot line of, but I can still feel the feeling of it.

And I love to write. Until now my writing has remained as passages in my head. Hubpages is my first attempt at sharing it with anyone.

I always welcome comments on my hubs. Don't be shy. I embrace constructive criticism and consider it opportunity to grow as as writer.

I hope you find someting that sparks your interest, makes your day, touches you, or even adds to or changes your life. As much as I write for the joy of it and the need for it, I write for you.