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Cristale Adams

Cristale is a mother of three, but she is also an online author and publisher. Cristale began by creating poetry projects and multiple creative writing pieces during high school. By the summer of 2012, she was actively creating and publishing multiple articles that can be located on HubPages. Cristale has produced several particular articles that are featured on other websites such as Spinditty, Soapboxie, and Bellatori. She also has published three blogs located on Blogspot, including one called "As the Days of Cristale's Life Turn"

The article topics that are discussed and debated by Cristale are derived from various life experiences and personal relationships. Some of her chosen topics include but are not limited to: love and relationships, life advice and tips, music genres, and dessert recipes.

Cristale will always face any new challenges that may come her way. She enjoys reading, writing, and learning new things!

"If you never turn the page, you will never know what the next chapter holds."