Clive La Pensee

 Professionally - Clive was a teacher of science, but his love was for words. As soon as commitments allowed, he began writing. Early work was non-fiction, on the social history of brewing. It went well and books still sell. Clive is recognised locally for his house-brewed awesome historical ales. They make good presents and are great for personal consumption. Unfortunately, apart from the pleasure of a good wine or beer, and the social importance of the latter, alcohol has no redeeming feature, so he headed for the wilderness of fiction writing.

After four beer books and a succcessful first novel, he has published a small book of verse, illustrated with some special pictures. Getting to Grips is poetry about things relevant today. It won’t stand the test of time, because in a few years no one will understand. Similarly, his latest novel is time linked. It is called The Last Stop – a Berlin Story. It should be called ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions,’ and is about the attempt to regulate the sex industry in Germany, by deregulating it. This has led to an explosion in sex worker numbers and an increase in the level of exploitation. His heroine sorts out the industry – with a little help from some friends.

It is a gripping yarn, but has to serve a purpose - highlighting the exploitation of women from eastern Europe, in the richer west.

The German translation is finished and undergoing editing. There might be a Polish translation, too.

The next novel – Someone tell me what is going on! Is a 21st century, upstairs/downstairs story. Downton Abbey 100 years on? Not at all. 100 years is a long time in social history. This is a modern-day clash between privilege and working people. The more you have, the more you have to protect and worry about. Those who have little, have other worries. It will be published this year.

Goddesses is ready to go, too. A novel about a woman emancipating herself in a world that demands one be emancipated. We need freeing from the role forced upon us. Sometimes emancipation from emancipation is required. The novel studies that dialectic, against a background of some popular, but sexually repressed writing. Once again the theme emerges - art has to serve a purpose, not just be pretty or entertaining.

His big love is blogging. New London Writers has hosted his work for eighteen months. Time to move on and learn new tricks. He will blog on poetry, art, and music and supply thought-provoking comment on events in the UK and Germany - his two homes. With that, and a few book reviews, he hopes to build a hubpages following.