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Brian is a graduate in the field of Information Technology, but prefers cars over computers instead. He has written numerous automobile-related articles with tips and tricks for the uninitiated to help them in caring for their vehicles. You can find the articles in his hub for the extra knowledge and reference. Despite not exploring a career in IT, Brian is still very much invested in the growing IT trends and has covered numerous articles related to it, which is also featured in his hub as well.

One of his true passions in life is pursuing God diligently and in his Christian faith. He shares his faith in several of his write-ups and hopes to provide others with a better idea about the essence of Christianity to clear any misconceptions about the belief. He looks to a better world with peace and harmony within self and in the community, through his pursuit of God on a daily basis.

Brian is a content creator, who sees everyday as a new opportunity to be closer to God and hope to inspire others through his writing and educational videos available in Youtube, Tik Tok, and Instagram as well. You may connect with Brian via the various platforms through the handle FearlessFaithDivine.