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Celestial Magna-ong

Hello, there!

I'm Celestial and I do love writing inevitably. Being in a state of happiness or sadness has given me the push of motivation to spread the ink on a blank sheet since when I was a little young to know what writing means. I guess everyone does that too at some point in their lives, right?

The significance of writing is way beyond compare and it's truly overwhelming that there are people who know how to value such work. Some might not appreciate your talent and worst would mock your capacity to write.. But regardless of the criticism, continue pursuing your passion! Love what makes your soul calm and keep the fire burning. We'll be good by then.

PS. I love anime and Kdrama.

PPS. Please if you don't like my preference, let us still be friends! Our differences shouldn't hinder positivity to live in harmony, right?

Take care and love lots!