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Carrie Lee Night

I don't always write... but when I do I prefer to write short stories.....Stay hungry my friends.

Okay seriously, I may not be the most interesting woman in the world, but I allow my characters to pick up what I lack.

Writing is a passion of mine that has a undying flame. Creating complex characters with stories that twist are my speciality. I also enjoy writing poetry and factual articles. Once in a while I will share a life experience in my work.

On a personal note, I do not share many details about my life due to my love of privacy. What I can tell you is that I am close to my family , I'm not a hermit crab, I'm human the last time I checked with ten fingers and eleven toes :), love animals when its cold enough (just kidding), enjoy cooking and just being alive.

I'm happy with the basics, but hope to make a career out of writing someday :)

Thank you for visiting my profile and reading my work. I would appreciate honest feedback so I may improve and grow in my work. I love my fans and appreciate each and every one of you. You make writing worth wild :)

God bless and stay safe.

PS (Keeping you on your toes because I have only ten of them) :)