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Hey everyone!

If you're into deep philosophy, random poetry, analogies, or cute short stories, I'm your girl. I'm a writer, an artist, a designer, a baker, a decorator, a crafter, an adventurer, a creator, and much more. I'm the second youngest child out of 13 and I have a deep and sincere love for people. It is one of my greatest goals in life to bring hope to the despairing, peace to the distressed, comfort to the broken, and joy to the apathetic. I have seen and experienced many aspects of life. I have watched my family shatter and I have seen many of my family members as they are remade into stronger, brighter, and happier people. I have witnessed the edge of purpose, teetering between life and death and have come away safe and humbled. I have learned of the power of simplicity and the strength of consistency. I have lost what I once held dearest and have discovered that there is greater joy in store for me and for every individual than can be comprehended. I am a firm believer in the power of the will. I am often heard saying that when there's a will there's a way. My will has not only kept me alive through deep despair and anguish but has also driven me onward to healing and joy as exquisite as my sorrow. My symbols are the green butterfly and the white rose. I believe in symbols, parables, and simplicity as excellent and effective teaching methods. Although I know I cannot be perfect now, I believe that progress is eternal and it is my duty, my privilege, and my joy to learn from each of life's trials and tragedies. I hope that in some small way, you may be comforted and uplifted by the voice of my writing. Enjoy!

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